Hello gents,

today you see some pictures of the TF 13/4th training of the 05.01/06.01.2014. After some 2 click march (at 5 am) we built our camp back up and from there on we did all our steps like patrouling, scouting, marking, etc.. After christmas we all got some nice new gear. Suley (helmet patch A-02) finished his 6094 in AOR1, Latro (Texas helmet patch) finished his helmet. I (with Arc’Teryx hat) got a Semapo AOR1 Set (review coming), Garmin Foretrex 401 and a Comtac II. 

If you have any questions, simply ask.

Have a nice day,

Pancho out.

We got a few new followers which I wanted to show this and this is also our 1 year anniversary.

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Hey guys,

I haven’t posted something in a while cause I am working for as-news.de now, but here you see some new stuff of mine.

I bought myself a Multicam Fast Ballistic where I put some original battery holders, MS-2000 and Mori Summer Patches. The reference I orientate on is using exactly the same, except the Callsignpatch is in AOR1.

I also updated my JPC a little bit. In the admin pouch I put in a Rite-In-The-Rain-Block. I just have a Utility pouch and a Double 9mm on the carrier, but that’s it for pouches. I only use a C.A.T., a Petzl E-Lite, my PRC-148 (dummy) and the U-94 PTT on it, but that’s it. Tried to make it as light as possible.

Have a nice day